IPMI 2021 poster

Diffeomorphic registration with density changes for the analysis of imbalanced shapes

Authors: Hsi-Wei Hsieh (Johns Hopkins University); Nicolas Charon (Johns Hopkins University )*


Abstract: This paper introduces an extension of diffeomorphic registration to enable the morphological analysis of data structures with inherent density variations and imbalances. Building on the framework of Large Diffeomorphic Metric Matching (LDDMM) registration and measure representations of shapes, we propose to augment previous measure deformation approaches with an additional density (or mass) transformation process. We then derive a variational formulation for the joint estimation of optimal deformation and density change between two measures. Based on the obtained optimality conditions, we deduce a shooting algorithm to numerically estimate solutions and illustrate the practical interest of this model for several types of geometric data such as fiber bundles with inconsistent fiber densities or incomplete surfaces.