IPMI 2021 will feature 4 1/2 days of oral and poster presentations of accepted papers. Thorough and lively discussions of the presented scientific results is a hallmark of the IPMI conference series, and, as per tradition, there will be unlimited time for discussions following each oral presentation. The program will in addition include several social events, including sightseeing on the island.

Keynote speakers

  • Gitte Moos Knudsen, Chair, Professor, MD, DMSc Dept. Neurology and Neurobiology Research Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet).
    Gitte Moos Knudsen is a translational neurobiologist and clinical neurologist with interest in advanced methodological developments and applications to address pertinent neurobiological and clinical issues. Her scientific interests include blood-brain barrier transport, neurobiology of cerebral blood flow and metabolism and the neurobiology of cerebral neurotransmission with particular emphasis on molecular brain imaging. Professor Knudsen is leading the Center for Experimental Medicine Neuropharmacology (NeuroPharm) at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. The center has the aim to answer pertinent and basic questions regarding human brain disease mechanisms and predict brain responses to categories of neuromodulatory interventions as well as treatment efficacy. For this purpose, PET brain scanning is used to image brain receptors and receptor occupancy, and fMRI is to evaluate drug effects on the brain hemodynamic response as well as the brains regional interactions, i.e., functional connectivity. Professor Knudsen is in addition director of the Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging (Cimbi), director of the Center for Experimental Medicine Neuropharmacology (NeuroPharm), and PI of the strategic alliance BrainDrugs.