Location and Venue

IPMI 2021 will take place at the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea. The venue Green Solution House has the island atmosphere and Bornholm culture in focus while being a top-of-the-line conference center.

Rønne, Island of Bornholm, Denmark

The island of Bornholm is often denoted Pearl of the Baltic Sea because of its rich nature, culture, local specialities, and sunny weather. Indeed, it is by far the part of Denmark with the most annual sunshine hours, giving rise to its second nickname, the Sunshine Island.

Bornholm is the easternmost part of Denmark, and is located south of Sweden, north of Poland and Germany, and east of the largest Danish island Zealand where Copenhagen resides. It has approximately 40.000 inhabitants and measures 30km along the largest diagonal.

Its nature is very different from the rest of Denmark, with rocky cliffs in the northern parts, wide sandy beaches along the south coast, and hilly landscapes inland. The culture is influenced by the closeness to the sea and the fact that most parts of the island are coastal areas.

Bornholm has several local gastronomic specialities. Fishing boats land at the local harbors and smoked fish, in particular smoked herring, is a prominent dish. The restaurant at the conference venue serves local produce, touching upon the different specialities of the island and beer from the local brewery, Svaneke Bryghus.

Venue: Ryttergården / Green Solution House

Hotel Ryttergården / Green Solution House was founded in 1966 as the first modern hotel on the island. Ryttergården translates to ‘Horseman’s Yard’, the name being due to the founder’s appreciation of horse racing. The hotel used to have stables and horses in the surrounding fields. Apart from giving the island a modern conference center that is top-of-the-line and provides everything needed for small to medium size conferences, the focus of the hotel is – in line with its new name, Green Solution House – on providing a sustainable and in every possible way environmentally friendly conference facility. A few examples: The windows and glass panels contain embedded transparent solar cells, all waste is recycled, and the sidewalks in the park are covered with leftover glass fragments from glassblowing, which is a popular art on the island.

The hotel is located south of the city Rønne, 300 meters from the beach.


Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is the Scandinavian hub with daily flights to major cities worldwide and very frequent connections to all major European airports. From CPH, there are excellent plane and ferry connections to Bornholm (6 daily flights, 25 minutes flight time, or 2.5 hours land/sea transportation). In addition, there is ferry access to the island from Sassnitz, Germany.

From the harbour or airport, the venue can be reached with a 5 min. drive / 30 min. walk. The airport is a small regional airport with limited air traffic.


The conference registration fee includes full board at the Green Solution House for a stay Sunday June 27th and departure at noon Friday July 2nd. The venue has single rooms, double rooms and apartments with double rooms.