Social activites

IPMI after hours

We encourage participants to use the lounge areas to socialize in the breaks and after the official program ends each day. You are welcome to have a (soft) drink with other participants in the lounge after the last sessions or whenever you can make it fit with time zones. A good place to meet is the cafe at the right/east side of the lounge.


IPMI will feature the traditional soccer game. We will this year play HaxBall, a virtual in-browser soccer game Wednesday evening after the awards session and closing remarks. This version of soccer necessitates a bit different structure than the traditional US vs. the rest of the world game. Particularly, there is a limit on the practical size of HaxBall teams, thus sign-up is required. Please read the rules and instructions below before signing up for the virtual soccer tournement.

Rules and Instructions

  • Prior sign-up is required to participate in the tournament. We will assign all registered players to teams. Please sign up here.
  • Shortly before the tournament you will get assigned to a team and a team meeting spot in the virtual conference environment The exact tournament format and size of the teams are dependent on how many people sign up, and will be announced at a later date.
  • At the time of the tournament (Wed 6/30, 18:30 CEST, UTC +2), please log in to and move to the top left corner of the conference lobby.
  • Matches will be played in the online soccer game haxball. No account creation or downloads are required. Move your player with the arrow keys and kick the ball with space. 
  • Open the game in a separate browser tab, while staying in to communicate with your team.
  • The match will be 10 minutes long, played as two halfs of 5 minutes.


Sign up for the tournament at the following link: