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Conference Program

All times are Central European Summer Time (CEST, UTC +2).
The program may change during the conference. Please check in regularly.
Please note that all oral papers and poster papers are scheduled to present in two poster sessions. Poster group assignments can be found here.
Tuesday at 2pm, Professor Gitte Moos Knudsen will give the conference keynote “Advanced clinical neuroimaging methods as biomarkers for brain disorders and drug effects”.
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Monday 28.6.2021

9-11 CEST Session 1 – Brain connectivity

Session chair: Daniel Alexander
Non-isomorphic Inter-modality Graph Alignment and Synthesis for Holistic Brain Mapping, Mhiri, Islem; Nebli, Ahmed; Mahjoub, Mohamed Ali; Rekik, Islem

Knowledge Transfer for Few-shot Segmentation of Novel White Matter Tracts, Lu, Qi; Ye, Chuyang

13-14 CEST Poster session

Posters by Poster group 1

14-16 CEST Session 2: Registration

IPMI 2021 opening remarks

Commemoration of Christian Barillot, James Duncan

Session chair: Nicolas Charon
Hypermorph: Amortized Hyperparameter Learning for Image Registration, Hoopes, Andrew; Hoffmann, Malte; Fischl, Bruce; Guttag, John; Dalca, Adrian V

Deep learning based geometric registration for medical images: How accurate can we get without visual features?, Hansen, Lasse; Heinrich, Mattias

17-18 CEST Poster session

Posters by Poster group 2

18-20 CEST Session 3: Causal models and interpretability

Session chair: Polina Golland
Estimation of Causal Effects in the Presence of Unobserved Confounding in the Alzheimer’s Continuum, Pölsterl, Sebastian; Wachinger, Christian

Multiple-shooting adjoint method for whole-brain dynamic causal modeling, Zhuang, Juntang; Dvornek, Nicha; Tatikonda, Sekhar; Papademetris, Xenophon; Ventola, Pamela; Duncan, James S

Going Beyond Saliency Maps, Training Deep Models to Interpret Deep Models, Liu, Zixuan; Adeli, Ehsan; Pohl, Kilian; Zhao, Qingyu

Tuesday 29.6.2021

9-11 CEST Session 4: Representation learning

Session chair: Islem Rekik
Representation Disentanglement for Multi-modal MR Analysis, Ouyang, Jiahong; Adeli, Ehsan; Pohl, Kilian; Zaharchuk, Greg; Zhao, Qingyu

Variational Knowledge Distillation for Disease Classification in Chest X-Rays, van Sonsbeek, Tom J; Zhen, Xiantong; Worring, Marcel ; Shao, Ling

Velocity-To-Pressure (V2P) – Net: Inferring Relative Pressures from Time-Varying 3D Fluid Flow Velocities, Shit, Suprosanna; Das, Dhritiman; Ezhov, Ivan; Paetzold, Johannes C.; Fava Sanches, Augusto F; Thuerey, Nils; Menze, Bjoern

13-14 CEST Poster session

Posters by Poster group 3

14-16 CEST Keynote + Session 5: CAI

Session chair: Mads Nielsen
Keynote: Advanced clinical neuroimaging methods as biomarkers for brain disorders and drug effects. Gitte Moos Knudsen

Future Frame Prediction for Robot-assisted Surgery, Gao, Xiaojie; Jin, Yueming; Zhao, Zixu; Dou, Qi; Heng, Pheng-Ann

17-18 CEST Poster session

Posters by Poster group 1

18-20 CEST Session 6: Differential geometry

Session chair: Sungmin Hong
Geodesic Tubes for Uncertainty Quantification in Diffusion MRI, Sengers, Rick; Florack, Luc; Fuster, Andrea

Structural Connectome Atlas Construction in the Space of Riemannian Metrics, Campbell, Kris; Dai, Haocheng; Su, Zhe; Bauer, Martin; Fletcher, Tom; Joshi, Sarang

Nested Grassmanns for Dimensionality Reduction with Applications to Shape Analysis, Yang, Chun-Hao; Vemuri, Baba

Wednesday 30.6.2021

9-11AM CEST Session 7: Segmentation

Session chair: Marleen de Bruijne
Segmenting two-dimensional structures with strided tensor networks, Selvan, Raghavendra; Dam, Erik B B; Petersen, Jens

Distributional Gaussian Process Layers for Outlier Detection in Image Segmentation, Popescu, Sebastian G; Sharp, David; Cole, James; Kamnitsas, Konstantinos; Glocker, Ben

Cytoarchitecture Measurements in Brain Gray Matter using Likelihood-Free Inference, Jallais, Maëliss; Rodrigues, Pedro; Gramfort, Alexandre; Wassermann, Demian

13-14 CEST Poster session

Posters by Poster group 2

14-16 CEST Session 8: Shape

Session char: Suyash Awate
Partial Matching in the Space of Varifolds, Antonsanti, Pierre-Louis A; Glaunès, Joan; Benseghir, Thomas; Jugnon, Vincent; Kaltenmark, Irene

Hierarchical Morphology-Guided Tooth Instance Segmentation from CBCT Images, Cui, Zhiming; Zhang, Bojun; Lian, Chunfeng; Li, Changjian; YANG, LEI; Zhu, Min; Wang, Wenping; Shen, Dinggang

17-18 CEST Poster session

Posters by Poster group 3

18-18:30 CEST Awards and closing remarks

IPMI 2021 virtual – The birth of IPMI, Andrew Todd-Pokropek
Awards ceremony and closing remarks

~18:30 – ? CEST Online soccer match